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Mythologies of Martial Arts

Mythologies of Martial Arts
KFP 111, 112, 113 : Unveiling the Myths inside of Martial Arts :
What Does a Martial Artist Actually Need?
Perhaps the best way to see how a word is defined, is to see how people use the word today, in their current culture.
Culture is not a Noun, Culture is a Verb


A Book Review of our very own Agent of Action, Dr. Paul Bowman's "Mythologies of Martial Arts". In part 1 one of this review, I tackle the Introduction, in itself brings out questions and perspective that will carry through the rest of his text.

When is Martial Arts ever, Just Martial Arts?


Mythologies of Martial Arts : Part 1 : Introduction

Audible.com has several of the books I reference here, including one featured in this series, 'Orientalism' by Edward Said. 
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Episode 112 : The Source of the Myth

During this Episode

  • Selling Pollution as Self Protection
  • What comes first, the media, or the culture?
  • Martial Arts are Marginal, even thought they are known
  • Culture isn't a Noun, View it as a verb.


Mythologies of Martial Arts : Part 2 : Culture is a Verb, Not a Noun


Pt 3 : KFP 113

The Final Installment of the Book Review for Mythologies of Martial Arts. 

Jammed with information and inquisitive questions. 

If a Martial Artits Doesn't Need History, What Do They Actually Need?


Pt 3 : What Does a Martial Artist Actually Need?



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TW Smith On 01.02.2017
Thank You Robey. The catalog is being updated as we go. Reply to this comment
Robey Jenkins On 31.01.2017
Hi. First time listener from the UK. Really enjoyed this show which gave some great food for thought. I look forward to working my way backwards through your catalogue and to hearing new episodes. Reply to this comment

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