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3 Missing Fundamentals of Combative Martial Arts

3 Missing Fundamentals of Combative Martial Arts

Agent of Action Jamie Clubb authored an excellent essay and gave me permission to share it with you :

3 Missing Fundamentals that is Missing From Your Combative Training : KFP 129 & 130

During Part 1 :

  • An Introduction to Cross Training Your Combative Martial Arts
  • Principle #1 : Clarity



3 Pieces Missing From Combative Martial Arts : Pt 1


This is part 2 of the Review of an essay by Jamie Clubb. He is a published Martial Artist and an author. Now a KungFu Podcast, 'Agent of Action'. Someone you can count on in the years to come, to research and share.

You can find his Amazon Books here

3 Pieces Missing From Combative Martial Arts : Pt 2

During Part 2, We will look at Martial Art Cross-Training Elements 2 and 3, that need to be in your combative martial arts training: 

  • Skepticism
  • Individuality

Did you know that scientist know that your DNA isn't really a blueprint of traits?  It is really a structure of 'If-Then' statements.  "IF" you put yourself in various situations, challenges and experiments, "THEN" your DNA will begin to unravel the possibilities that you have.  So, if you are wanting to get REAAALLLLY good, get comfortable, pushing the uncomfortable bubble out further.

Please send Jamie Clubb a Thank You, Let Him Know You Heard The Podcast.
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