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Series: Changing the Course of Chinese Martial Arts : Sun LuTang

Series: Changing the Course of Chinese Martial Arts : Sun LuTang

 KFP 132-136

Perhaps one of the most polarizing and influential Martial Arts authors in all of history, Sun LuTang. The Chinese Martial Arts served many goals and objectives for centuries, but wasn't really associated with health until the early to mid 1900's. At approximately the same time that Japanese arts were making the same transition.

In part one, we will lay the foundation to this transition and prepare the path for injecting philosophy into martial arts.


Chinese Martial Arts Training Manuals

Transmission of Knowledge in Traditional Martial Arts

Internal Martial Arts Seminar


Changing the Course of Chinese Martial Arts : Sun Lu Tang : Pt 1


Part 2 of Sun LuTang's Biography

  • 3 Area's We Will Research
  • Sun is being abused as a child, so he finds a martial arts teacher
  • Sun learns from prominent instructors
  • He changes his martial arts perspective,
  • then dies in the very room he was born in.


Sun Lu Tang Tries to Committ Suicide: Pt 2
The Changing of the Martial Arts Lense​


Part 3: Sun LuTang Stand on the Brink of Modernity


Everything in China was on the brink of changing. Very similar transitions were happening in Japan in very same time period. Sun LuTang was a primary catalyst of change due to his knowledge and willingness to exploit every relationship he had.

In Part 3

  • Modernity and Martial Arts
  • The Purpose of Social Martial Arts Networks
  • The Economic Models of 'Traditional' Martial Arts Instruction
  • The Myth of Secret Instructions and Indoor Students in 19th Century Martial Arts
  • Sun LuTang Exploits Every Martial Relatationship He Has to make the Impact He Wants
  • The New Traditional Martial Arts Student

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Part 3 of Sun LuTang's Biography​


Part 4: Sun's Theoretical Legacy is More Important Than His Martial Arts Legacy : KFP 135

  • Meet a Fascinating Martial Artists that you don't normally hear about
  • Behind the scenes of the Civil Service Exams
  • ​Sun's Theoretical Legacy is more important than his Martial Art's Legacy




Part 4 of Sun LuTang's Biography​



In Part 5


  • Sun Lu Tang Heads to WuDang and Mt. Emei
  • Good Martial Art Skills ARE NOT an Epiphenomenon of Philosophical Theory
  • Sun Lu Tang's Theories are not Universally Accepted, however they are very popular
  • Could Martial Arts Lose Their Essence if they follow Sun's Theories
  • Sun LuTang Connects Martial Arts into the Taoist Enterprise
  • The Chinese Government Better Supports QiGong that is embedded with Martial Arts, as compared to QiGong that stands on it's own spiritual Path. How did Martial Arts Become the Controll For Religious Excuberence?



Part 5: Sun LuTang's Biography and Theoretical Legacy​


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