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Interview with Doug Perry

Interview with Doug Perry

Doug Perry, USMC Retired Major, Hanshi 9th Dan in Okinawain Karate, Father and a wonderful gentleman shares with you what it was like in Okinawa, learning martial arts in the 1950's, how it changed through the 70's and till today.

In Part 1:

5 Important Components of Martial Arts

See Okinawain Martial Arts from a First Hand Perspective

Doug Perry : Okinawain Martial Arts 1950's - Today


Part 2 : Stories of Okinawain Martial Arts and a Unique Perspective

Doug Perry : Okinawain Martial Arts 1950's - Today : Pt 2

I have Doug Perry's DVD and LOVE it

Hanshi Perry Karate DVD

Visit and Train with him at the Shurite BuJutsu Kai Seminar: International Seminar or www.shuritebujutsu.com

Referenced in the Interview:

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Joshua Lay On 16.01.2018
Hi Sifu TW. Smith, As per usual, fantastic work! I really appreciate what you do. It's amazing that I don't have to travel abroad and search for this kind of information. All I have to do is subscribe to a podcast! Reply to this comment

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