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Tang Hao : KFP #34

Tang Hao : KFP #34
KFP 34 : Considered the First Scientific Chinese Martial Arts Historian, and a man that endured hardship for not getting on board with new changes.
A Practical Martial Artist, Loyal to His Culture and Martial Arts

As a practictioner of any martial art, are you willing to draw a line somewhere? Face ridicule, insults or even physical pain to stand for what you believe in?

As a followup to the three podcasts and now audiobook on the Shaolin Monastery, I received permission from a Shaolin Grandmaster to share his thoughts on beliefs of the Shaolin Temple.


This podcast is based primarily on the essay by Ben Judkins at Kungfu Tea

  • Much of the history of the early 1920-1940's of Eastern China
  • Tang Hao learns HsingYi, Chen TaiJi and other martial arts
  • He takes a journey to Japan and witness how martial arts is integrated in their culture
  • How he becomes known as an lawyer and educator.
  • He is accussed of being an enemy of the state, is arrested and tortured
  • The Japanese invade China and torture him.
  • He manages to really peeve off many martial artists that are hiding behind fake lineages, Buddha and fairies.


Download Tang Hao : Historian, Martial Artist and Lawyer


Posted by TW. Smith

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