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5 Entanglements of Chinese Martial Arts Lineages

5 Entanglements of Chinese Martial Arts Lineages
Episode #65 Kungfu Lineages are not History

Almost as taboo as discussing religion, sex or politics, discussing lineages can get a lot of folks heated real fast.

Why would that be? We are just talking about 'history' right?… Far from it.

History is only a small section of lineages

Even the 'historical' pieces are selective based on what you know, or don't know, or what you remember the most, or the least.

This podcast is based on an essay that our good friend Ben Judkins published in 2014. Based around the work of an author named Jeff Takacs.


KFP 65 takes you thru :


A real burial ceremony and the raising of a stele for a Bagua Teacher and what was witnessed.

What is the relationship between sons and students.

What does Contagious Magic have to do with it

Why there is such a difference between East and West when dealing with lineages.

Students versus Sons

Mentioned in todays Podcast

Ben Judkins : The Creation of Wing Chun: A Social History of the Southern Chinese Martial Arts


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