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Reflections of Society in Chinese Martial Arts Lineages

Episode #65 : Seeing Society Through the Lense of Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese Martial Arts are rarely just martial arts.

As a student of Kungfu, if you intend to learn the art, and your Sifu intends for you to thoroughly understands the art, then you should be prepared to learn much more than how to punch and move.

Inside the Lineages of Chinese Martial Arts, there is a blend culture, legends, myths, and theories. Historical facts are blended in there too.

Having this mix isn't bad at all, but as a student or teacher of our wonderful martial art, you have to be aware that some of these stories were created to share culture and some unfortunately were only created for branding and exploiting the art.

During this episode I use the research and reflections of Ben Judkins and Paul Bowman to provide you a deeper look into stories of lineages and how society has developed them.



Reflections of Society in Chinese Martial Arts Lineages


Relationships between Groups, Lineages and Society


During the Reflections of Society Podcast:


How can you tell the difference between history and lineage stories?

Were Lineages even necessary to carry the Chinese Martial Arts throughout History?

When did Lineages first appear prominently?

What role does society have in the development of social group, such as teams, associations and lineages?

Also in this Podcast, I tell you another Lineage Story.

My son gave me his Christmas list. Reminded of ‘What is the Lineage of Kris Kringle’? How is it related to kungFu lineages?

Mentioned in this Podcast:

Witchcraft isn't Slowing Down

Knowing Your Lineage by Paul Bowman

Fighting: Intellectualising Combat Sports (Sport and Society)

What is Lineage? Rethinking the Relationship With History : Ben





The Creation of Wing Chun: A Social History of the Southern Chinese Martial Arts

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