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Diagnose the BullShitSu Infection

Diagnose the BullShitSu Infection
KFP 92 : 8 Questions To Diagnose BullShitSu in Your Martial Arts

An excellent article written by Jamie Clubb (@ClubbChimera on Twitter, or Website ) provides you with 8 questions to diagnose and determine the depth of BullShitsu in your Martial Arts Training.  Passionate in his pursuit to share objective based information, Jamie does a masterful job at giving any martial artist, some critical thinking fuel to assess their path.

During Podcast #92

8 Questions on diagnosing the dis-ease and How Bad is your Bullshitsu Infection?

4 Types of Stylism that limits the progression of martial arts

3 groups of martial artists that has the purpose of preserving components of martial arts.



Diagnose the BullShiTso in Your Martial Art Training




Policeone Color Code Situational Awareness


Running Barefoot Improves Working Memory 

Posted by TW. Smith

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4 Comments To "Diagnose the BullShitSu Infection"

Jared Dame On 08.09.2016
I been training various martial arts since I was young boy and this article was insightful and hearing it on the podcast gave me a lot think back to a few "questionable" seminars that I attending while training in a mixed environment of JKD, Silat, Kali, and Dim Mak. We should all approach our training with mindfulness and focus on what is real and not the illusions. Great article and thank you for featuring it on the podcast. Reply to this comment
Jamie Clubb On 13.06.2017
Hi Jared, Thank you for taking the time to comment. It is remarkable to see that so how much cross-training is becoming confused training.
James Tong On 19.07.2016
I have trained in martial arts for over 40 years and have 30 years of experience in law enforcement. I want to thank you so much for sharing Mr. Clubb's work. Insightful and Spot on! I enjoy Kung Fu Podcast very much because it is so nice NOT to hear about about an exclusive mysterious secret teaching and woo-woo powers. Love your work I find it well researched, very informative and refreshingly honest! Gambatte Kudasai - Please keep up the great work. Reply to this comment
Jamie Clubb On 01.08.2016
Hello James, This is Jamie Clubb, the author of the original piece. Thank you for taking time to send you feedback to this excellent podcast. I was delighted and humbled to see that my piece had been picked up by this excellent show that gets the balance right with education and entertainment.

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