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3 Level of Personal Research in Martial Arts

3 Level of Personal Research in Martial Arts
UnFolding Your Martial Arts Thru Real Research
We Call It Practice
Kai Morgan, Looking For Secrets in Martial Arts

This 2 part podcast is Based on an essay by Kai Morgan of Budo-Inochi.com

Kai's work has been featured at KungFu Podcasts before, and this essay was of particular interest to me.

During this Episode : Part 1

  • Listener asks about the Journey of Finding Self in Martial Arts
  • I share why I began my pursuit, and the unexpected, collateral problems that occured along the way.


  • Kai's Essay : On Looking For Secrets Within Your Martial Art Study
  • What verb describes your place in training?
  • Look at the differences of approaching your martial arts with various levels of personal research interest.
  • How can you master something that never stops unfolding?  


3 Levels of Personal Research into Your Martial Arts : Part 1


In Part 2, we will continue along the path of Kai's Interpretations of Dr. Spatz's work. You will hear from both authors in regards to me sharing their information with you.

3 Levels of Personal Research into Your Martial Arts : Part 2
Posted by TW. Smith

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1 Comments To "3 Level of Personal Research in Martial Arts"

Kai On 08.12.2016
Dear Sifu Smith, I love this! Both the personal insights into your own history and martial arts journey, which you share; and then the way you've built on the ideas I wrote about after hearing Ben's lecture, and made them your own. The way you've added your own take to the idea of play / train / study is helpful and thought-provoking. Best wishes Kai Reply to this comment

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