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10 Reasons Not to Miss Your Martial Arts Practice : KFP 124

10 Reasons Not to Miss Your Martial Arts Practice : KFP 124

Based on Antonio Guerrero's “10 Reasons for not Missing any Karate Training"

During This Podcast:

  • Thank You To Sarah for Supporting the Program
  • 10 Important Reasons to Not Miss Practice
  • The Sciences and Difference between 'Motor Learning' and "Motor Performance'***

 ***The Download for FitPublishing Ebook on Motor Learning is available when you login, under Products


10 Reasons Not to Miss Martial Arts Practice
Posted by TW. Smith

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1 Comments To "10 Reasons Not to Miss Your Martial Arts Practice : KFP 124"

Mario On 09.05.2017
I'm from Rio de Janeiro. I was young in the 80's / 90's. At this time many jiujitsu practitioners were very violent and assaulted people for pleasure. It was a serious police problem in Brazil. Violence greatly encouraged by academies, including Gracie. I hated anyone who practiced jiu-jitsu, judged them almost bandits. I have heard your Podcast and I understand that it is not only violence, there are many positive aspects of self esteem, health and discipline. Very different from my point of view. I no longer feel angry neither afraid when I see a young man wearing a kimono. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Mario Freire Reply to this comment

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