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The Phoenix Village

The Phoenix Village
Episode #51 : The Phoenix and Chinese Martial Arts
A Powerful Eyewitness Story to the Impact Martial Arts has on a Village

The Use of the Phoenix in Chinese Culture dates back 8,000 years. Carved in Jade.

Cultural Significance

The Phoenix represented an important philisophical symbol as the Unity of Yin and Yang. That why it is seen in many weddings.

In social power it represent that the Empress was connected to celestial powers.

It also represented loyalty. That is why whenever a new Emporer came into power, you were supposed to hang the Phoenix on your door. That way the patrols would know you were loyal to the new power. You did not want that, knock, knock on your door..

Martial Arts Significance

But what about kungfu? The Dragon, the tiger, the crane, all these creatures get so much martial art attention, why not the Phoenix?

In this podcast, I dig..

Find some of the common Phoenix Eye Punch techniques..

A Phoenix Twisted Elbow Technique... even.. wait for it...

A Phoenix Shredded Claw Technique, that you are supposed to use when all else fails... ... ...

I find a Phoenix System... with a book, and video..


A Powerful Eyewitness Story to the Impact Martial Arts has on a Village


Then the real magic happens..

Daniel Kulp goes to a village in South China, in the 1920's... and he makes a connection with a Phoenix and the Chinese Martial Arts, this is an eyewitness account of what martial arts meant to whole village..

Enjoy the Story... I would love it if you let me know what you thought..


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