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Traditional Martial Arts in Singapore

Traditional Martial Arts in Singapore
Episode #75 : Traditional Martial Arts in Singapore

This episode comes from the work of Professor D.S. Farrer who embeddied himself as part of the South East Asian Culture, he practiced :

Southern Chinese martial arts of Choy Li Fut,

Jingwu (Pure Martial) of Northern Chinese origin, JingWu Association : Pure Martial Art : KFP 9

and a variety of other styles.

He wrote an essay titled : “Coffee-Shop Gods" as part of Volume of Essays in the "Martial Arts as Embodied Knowledge: Asian Traditions in a Transnational World"

The excellent researcher and friend to the Program : Ben Judkins wrote a review on the essay, and this my audio-version of that work.

This episode will look at the 'modern' and 'traditional' arts and how they are culturally interpretted in Singapore. We will travel to the Singapore red-light district, coffee-shop and city parks to see how they practiced.

A significant question raised in this podcast is:

"If a cultural martial art, such as Choy Li Fut is stripped of it 'cultural' influence and broken down to the techniques only, did you really learn the martial art?"


DS. Farrer : Rituals and Culture of Martial Arts Today

Culture and Ritual of Chinese Martial Arts in Singapore




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