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Martial Art Trends of 2015

Martial Art Trends of 2015
Episode #78 : The Trends and Stories of 2015

During this Podcast:

Ph. D. Candidate in Britain leaves me a voicemail

Listener Joel Williams sends me a note

Rory Miller : Psychology on Violence

Death Anniversary : Martial Arts Legend

7 Important Martial Art Trends in 2015


The Martial Art Trends in 2015 : KFP 78

KFP 78 : Martial Art Trends


Thank You, to each of you that have contributed or shared Steve Baskis story. So we can get this young, wounded Veteran back into his Martial Arts Training.


Mentioned in Kungfu Podcast's 33 minute Episode :

Ben Judkins : 2015 Year in Review

Eric Oram Wing Chun Book

Modern Wing Chun Kung Fu: A Guide to Practical Combat and Self-Defense



Robert Downey and Wing Chun

Andrea Harkins : Martial Arts Woman


Iain Abernethy :White Crane videos :

Rory Miller Presentation : Psychology on Violence

Get the PDF Outline of my Shownotes : Balancing Being a Dad and Martial Arts

Robert Downey Discuss the Influence Wing Chun

TW. Smith Posted by TW. Smith

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