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Reconstructing the History of Karate

Reconstructing the History of Karate

Reconstructing the History of Karate

While I was researching Lies I Have Told About Martial Artists : KFP 87 I found a 24 page essay. The author is a PhD. in Cultural Anthropology, plus degreed in many other scholastic area's, loves Martial Arts and lives in Singapore. I wrote Dr. Tan and he agreed to let me share his essay with you.

Due to the depth of material, this will be a 2 part podcast, that will later have some extra's added to it.

During this Podcast

You will look at the arguments and data that Karate is at a minimum a blend of 3 cultures, but easily can be argued more.

To understand the development of Karate, you will be given a backdrop to the historical, cultural, political, and ideological influences that shaped Karate.

There are terms that re-examined for contextual relevancy.

Artifacts that present links, going further back to other influential powers that once were recognized.


Reconstructing Karate's History : Part 1

Starts with a story of FunaKoshi battling a Typhoon

Covers approximately 1,000 years of cultural and influential history.

Brings Karate Legends to light, and nebulious texts.

A shipwreck, where at the bottom is a manuscript.

and Part 1 takes you up to the Legendary Development of Shuri-Te Karate.



Reconstructing the History of Karate : Part 1 : Time- 54:28


Mentioned in this Podcast

Download the Original Essay by Dr. Tan in PDF Format

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