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KFP 19 : David Ramsey, The TV Show Arrow and Martial Arts

KFP 19 : David Ramsey, The TV Show Arrow and Martial Arts
KFP 19 : Martial Arts, David Ramsey and the TV Show, ARROW

David Ramsey : Kung Fu, Martial Arts, JKD and the Arrow

David Ramsey was born November 17, 1971 in Detroit Michigan. Lives in Los Angelas. His current role as Diggle on Arrow is most his recent role you may recognize him in.

He went to Wayne State University and earned a degree in fine arts.

He holds a black belt in jeet kune do, he has also studied Wingchun, and has trained in kickboxing under Benny "The Jet"

Brian Sheridan, Reporter Interviewed Mr. David Ramsey. Mr. Sheridan gave me permission to read the interview for Kungfu Podcasts. Thank You, Brian Sheridan.

He is part of the Communication Department Faculty at Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA, here is his Facebook address : The Martial Spirit


“I train a lot,” he says. “I have a fantastic school in Vancouver, [and] a fantastic school in Los Angeles. So I’m training a whole lot just because I love it.”




David Ramsey





Video Sample of David Ramsey Practicing


I pulled out pieces of video to create a little sample for you. I included the original version link below, so you could find it easy :)


David Ramsey in Arrow


Direct Download the Full Screen Version : 1280x720


If you enjoy David Ramsey's work, let him know at his Facebook or Twitter Accounts.


Arrow Workout Original Video

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