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Strength Training in Your Martial Arts

KFP #59 : Strength Training in Your Martial Arts
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Has anyone ever told you that weight training wasn't part of Martial Arts? I was told to stop weight training, but for specific reasons. The history of lifting, carrying, and building your strength wasn't just encouraged centuries ago. STRENGTH TRAINING WAS REQUIRED. Thats rights, all caps.. if you wanted to get any advancement or commission in the Chinese Martial Arts / Military you better get your boots on and get to work. In todays podcast, I will cover : I was given a tip on pronunciation Thank You for TaiJiBum who left me a kind review at Itunes Strength Training in Martial Arts My personal experiences as an Exercise Physiologist, Athlete and Kungfu man, The History, where I will call on our good friend Mr. Ben Judkins at Kungfu Tea Blog post. Then our conclusion and my personal warnings of using weight training. Why was telling me to stop lifting weights, the right call? Mentioned in the : "Strength Training in Your Martial Arts" Pictures of the Stone Lock Challenge, published in the China Economic Newspaper : Heavy Knives and Stone Locks, Strength Training in Chinese Martial Arts : By Ben Judkins Shaolin Strength and Conditioning Video with Yan Lei From: The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British and Foreign India, China and Australasia. Volume 1 (New Series). January-April, 1830. p. 326 (Paragraphs breaks added by myself).

Weight Training in Various Forms Has Been Required for Hundreds of Years

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