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Empty Force : The Magic Chinese Martial Arts : KFP 56

Where Does Show Turn into Idiocy?
Empty Force : The Magic Chinese Martial Arts :

This podcast was fun to prepare. I have included a listener's email, Mr. Evan Bly, that he has included Kungfu Podcasts as one of his top 5 programs. A Listener, Frankie Frank, has created a Youtube video documentary on Lau Bun, using the information from Kungfu Podcast 20 and my voice. He does a great job gettting video clips and compelling images to tell the story of this Kungfu Pioneer. The Shaolin Temple is in the news again.. I wish they could stay out of it for a while.. Mr. John Yee, lives in Colorado, and is the last surviving Flying Tiger. He tells his story of what it was like to be part of the most effective Air Attack Unit in history. Then, Empty Force Kungfu: I encourage Kungfu for show, as long as you know what you are practicing for. For some folks, the line gets gray, and for others they just polevault over the line into the realm of fairy fighting and magic boxing. Then they try to sell it and profit from it. Other's from the same place, call it what it is, A game. Like the video of the Dad and Son playing.. But where did this come from? How and when did it get injected into the Chinese Martial Arts, YiChuan System? Wang Xiang Zhai would surely roll over in his grave.


Sifu Franki Frank Youtube Professor Lau Bun: Pioneer of Gung Fu in America-a Mini Documentary Lau Bun - Kungfu Pioneer, Choy Li Fut Master : KFP 20 Empty Force: The Ultimate Martial Art: The Power of Chi for Self-Defense and Energy Healing Flowing Motion.com : Inserting Empty Force into YiChuan Cheuk Fung - Empty Force Magnetic Fields Bullshido Facebook page: James Chee : Empty Force Demo on Youtube James Chee Website : Shaolin WuQuan Website: Yap Leong : Chee Kim Thong takes on the empty force story : Chee Kim Thong page : The Tao of Yiquan: The Method of Awareness in the Martial Arts Tibetan Empty Force : Tzun Tzun Hsue : Repels Attackers

Empty Force : The Magic Chinese Martial Arts : KFP 56

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