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Interview with Sarah Chang

Interview with Sarah Chang
KFP 82 : International WuShu Champion, Interview with Sarah Chang

This episode of Kungfu Podcast goes into the Culture of Kungfu, in China. Not 100 years ago, but less than 100 days ago.

I will share with you 3 recent real stories of people who have been abroad and in China, looking for martial arts.

One of those stories will be a 23 minute interview with Sarah Chang (thats her in the picture above). You will follow her journey through Wushu and becoming a Champion. She was in Taiwan when we did the interview and you will learn about her new martial art career and the challenges she faces.

There is another story with our friend, Sascha Matuszack, and the most popular martial art in China today, Sanda.

And one more story from a Traditional Martial Art Practitioner, Da Li. How started kungfu (Wing Chun) in Canada, but couldn't find Traditional Martial Arts when he arrived to Beijing. Learn how he handled it all, in this podcast.


Interview with International WuShu Champion, Sarah Chang.


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Sanda : China's Most Popular Combat Sport


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