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Impact of Martial Arts to Young Blinded Veteran

Impact of Martial Arts to Young Blinded Veteran
KFP : 73 Steve Baskis, A Young Blinded Veteran and Martial Arts

Stories in this Podcast

Martial Art Listeners Weigh in on: Into the Badlands. The results were better than media reviews.

A listener named Josh contributed to the program. When I wrote to thank him he shared where he and his school are on their martial arts journey. Argentina School Searching For Purpose in their Training.

The Influence of Shaolin Long Fist in Yoon Byung-In's Korean Martial Art. After I posted a hypothesis on Korean Martial Arts Legend : Yoon Byung-In, we got some feedback on another possibility.

The Martial Studies Conference Summary : Ben Judkins at KungFu Tea shared some of the results of a recent researchers conference in Tel Aviv.

Is there really a Southern Shaolin Temple?

A historical perspective from Professor Haar on Guan Yu

I wrote the author of Gods, Ghosts and Gangsters, Professor Avron Boretz and asked if I could share excerpts of his book with you.

An email from Anthony Shelton, to support a friend, a young man that was blinded in Iraq. Steve Baskis is a young veteran who does so much for others and he wants to get back to his martial arts training.

Mentioned :

Into The Badlands

Yoon Byung-In More Information Followup

Robert McClain Taekwondo

Gods, Ghosts, and Gangsters: Ritual Violence, Martial Arts, and Masculinity on the Margins of Chinese Society


The Impact of Martial Arts on a Young Blinded Veteran : KFP 73

Posted by TW. Smith

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iulius-cezar macarie On 12.08.2016
Hi Steve! I'm equally touched and impressed, happy and overwhelmed by your determination. Keep going and inspire children and slow bums like me who from time to time forget that nothing should be taken for granted. ICHI GO, ICHI E! P.S. Hope you listen to kingfupodcasts, that's how I heard about you. These podcasts keep me going, they will keep you going when in the lows. Thanks, Sifu TW Smith. Reply to this comment

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