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Joe Rogan Critiques KungFu and Martial Arts

Joe Rogan Critiques KungFu and Martial Arts
KFP 56 : Joe Rogan Critiques KungFu

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Drought : A Death of a Thousand Cuts

A severe drought in China has put over 250,000 without suitable water. Cattle and farm animals are being decimated.


The Love of a Mother Saves Her Child

The Shangaii Daily reported : Her Last Act as she was being carried to her death was to get her child to safety

Joe Rogan Critiques KungFu and Other Martial Arts

The popular voice of the UFC and stand up comic recently, with some friends make a lot of critcisms of kungfu and martial arts.

They makes generalizations and very specific points. The 10:28 second audio/video link is below,


PARENT ALERT, the presentation and language is considered vulgar by many.

I listened to it 4 times and made 6 primary points from their project.


The points are examined by :

  • What are they saying?
  • What are they not saying?
  • How is this useful?
  • How could I defend it?
  • How could I prosecute it?

Chinese Cook Maxim

"Don't Complain About the Stew, When You Are Standing in The Pot"

It felt appropriate during this podcast to share a lesson and story that I provided for my students : Podcast of Tibetan Kungfu #62


A Segment dedicated to folks that practice or teach Chinese Martial Arts

"Don't Complain About the Taste of Stew, When You are Standing in the Pot"


Parrot Artwork : By Violet Adams



Joe Rogan Critiques KungFu and Martial Arts



Stephen Furey : Belligerently Uninformed :

Meditations on Violence: A Comparison of Martial Arts Training & Real World Violence

Podcast of Tibetan Kungfu #62 : "Don't Complain about the Taste of the Stew, When You Are Standing in the Pot"

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