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Secret Societies and Chinese Martial Arts

Secret Societies and Chinese Martial Arts
KFP 97-98-99 : Secret Societies, Organized Crime and Chinese Martial Arts

3 Part Podcast : Secret Societies are a part of every culture, however when blended with the Martial Arts, The Tales and Stories become a genre all onto themselves.  In this Podcast, TW. Smith delves into Secret Societies making their way to the US, bringing their Martial Arts with them as part of their diaspora.

We will begin in China, make our way to San Francisco, through prejudice, marginilization, and abuse, you will see the migration across the US, eventually to New York City around 1870.

This is a multi part podcast:


Part 1 : Secret Societies

Secret Societies and Chinese Martial Arts : Part 2

Chinese Martial Arts and Secret Societies have long been mixed. In Part 2, we pick up where Tom Lee left to go NY City and the development of a rival gang. Plus a professional criminal tells how martial arts got him in organized crime.



Secret Societies, Gangs and Bruce Lee : Pt 3

Posted by TW. Smith

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