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A Killing Art : The Untold History of TaeKwonDo

A Killing Art : The Untold History of TaeKwonDo
KFP 100-101 : The Untold Stories of TaeKwonDo
Impactful Research and Stories from Journalist and Researcher : Alex Gillis

Author Alex Gillis is Journalist, Researcher and a long-time TaeKwonDo Practioner.  His book, A Killing Art is well worth the read.  Friend of the program Dr. Ben Judkins said this about the book: 

 “One of the first books that I reviewed on this blog (kft) was A Killing Art: The Untold History of Tae Kwon Do by Alex Gillis. To this day, it remains one of my favourite discoveries, and a revised and expanded edition has just been released. With a background in investigative journalism, Gillis has produced one of the most engaging and fast-paced studies of a martial art to date. Nor do you have to be a student of TKD to enjoy this book.”

This Multi-part series is organized into sections that include :

  • A full essay review by Ben Judkins
  • A full interview with Alex Gillis
  • Excerpts from the Book
  • ​Plus my usual spins :)

This book is also available at Audible.com


A Killing Art : Part 1



A Killing Art : Part 2



Posted by TW. Smith

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Alex Gillis On 22.11.2016
Thank you for the podcasts, Sifu TW Smith. If readers would like to see the 2016 book (the updated and revised edition), as well as 2016 excerpts, they can visit www.akillingart.com. Reply to this comment

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