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Ranking Violence in 3D : 108, 109, 110

Ranking Violence in 3D : 108, 109, 110
KFP 108,109,110 "Ranking Violence In 3D"
Inspired by Iain Abernethy's "Thoughts on Head-Butting"
Can a Layman Reliably Interpret and Rank Acts of Violence?
How to 'Practice' and 'Not Practice' the Headbutt

Inspired by 'Agent of Action', Iain Abernethy, who wrote a post, "Thoughts on Headbutting"

It led me into researching the validity of whether headbutting is actually perceived by laymen as being as violent of an act as punching, kicking and other techniques.

In Episode 108 :

Connecting a Child Recovery Expert with the Head of Refugee Community
Kai Morgan Continuing to Make an Impact
Acts of Violence : Research from the Biology and Expermental Psychology Dept.

How Many Slaps = 1 Punch?  


Ranking Violent Acts in 3D


*With this episode there are 2 Free Downloads: including Dr. Osman's 14 page research paper and the outline of for all 3 episodes.

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martial arts violence headbutt

"Ranking Violence in 3D"


Episode 109 : Introducing the Pilot Research study, Ranking Violent Acts, and the Hypothesis for the full blown study, covering multiple continents.

Ranking Violent Acts in 3D : Pt 2 : The Hypothesis

Episode 110 : Using the Results

Listen to the results of the study.
Real Stories of where the headbutt was pivotal
Recommendations and concerns how to practice
Risks if you don't practice.


Using the Results




Listener Left Itunes Review :
“The candor of TW Smith on his approach to Kung Fu.. his fearlessness in pronunciation of chinese words and names. The Interviews have depth and are amazing. Sifu Smith is able to draw out these teachers and get to the meat of their practice quickly. I appreciate that Sifu Smith doesn’t gloss over details, is gritty and has the heart/mind to get real pictures of what is was like to study with various masters and the nature of the transmissions. This podcast is a gem and invaluable to the culture of understanding the migration of chinese martial arts to the west.
Kudos to you, Sifu Smith
Posted by TW. Smith

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