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Interview with Iain Abernethy : KFP 88

Interview with Iain Abernethy : KFP 88

I was excited about the opportunity to talk with Iain. Join us as we discuss many topics regarding Traditional Martial Artists every style.

During this Podcast :

The Boy that became a leader in Practical Karate

We discuss his book, Mental Strength, published in 2005


3 Things that every Martial Artist will need to do to make a difference in the future.


What is one thing that Martial Artist do not sell enough when discussing their craft?


What are the components of Traditional Martial Arts that we can all apply to our daily lives?


"It's Not What We Do..
It's How We Train"



Interview with Iain Abernethy


Mentioned :

List - Basics of Telling a Martketing Short Story

Self Discovery in Martial Arts : KFP 04

Is Karate (and most Kung-Fu styles) a Dead Art?”

Posted by TW. Smith

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