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Lies I Have Told About Martial Artists

Lies I Have Told About Martial Artists

I have received permission from Dr. Amos to share with you an article that got my attention.
Dr. Amos is a pioneer of ethnographic research in martial arts.

Ethnography is : the scientific description of the customs of individual peoples and cultures.

His recent article "Lies I Have Told About Martial Artists" really captured my attention. As I began researching the essay, the impact that marginalized communities have had on martial arts fascinated me.

During This Podcast:

I address at least 4 questions that came to me during the research:

What role has marginal communities had in the development of martial arts?

What role has martial artist had in marginal communities?

What are the triggers and aftermath of martial artists that are marginalized?

What role can martial arts play today in marginalized communities?

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Lies I Have Told On Martial Artitsts


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Mentioned in this Episode

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Alexandra Fuller : Level Ground Martial Arts

University of Chicago Democrats

KungFu Tea : Dr. Amos and Marginality

The History of Martial Arts

Marginalized Communities Social Justice


Would Karate Been Better Off Not Going To Japan

Scott Decker : The Handbook of Gangs

Anko Azato : The Lost Master

Okinawa, From Disposal to Resistance

Marginalized Outsiders : Making of a Murderer

Chinese Knight Errant - 1967

Australia Martial Arts : Percentage of People that Practice

Osceola Sherriff Office : Potential Indicators of Terrorism in Martial Arts

Manchester Metropolitan University, working with marginal communities


Brazilian Martial Arts Vigilante Committee

Kai : Budo Inochi

NY Times : Who will Become a Terrorist

Posted by TW. Smith

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