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A Collection of reading to stimulate knowledge and creative thought. I would highly recommend.

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Kodo : Ancient Ways
An excellent book for developing the Ancient Path. ..
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Marrow of the Nation : A History of Physical Sport and Culture
 Invaluable manuscript to understand how the Chinese Martial Arts were influenced by Western Ve..
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Martial Arts Woman : Andrea Harkins
Martial Arts Woman at Amazon The Amazon Description: "The Martial Arts Woman shares the stories ..
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Martial Spectacles of the Ming Court
Amazon Description : "Like most empires, the Ming court sponsored grand displays of dynastic strengt..
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Mental Strength
Mental Strength: Condition Your Mind Achieve Your Goals Amazon Paperback/Kindle Edition Itunes A..
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Modern Wing Chun Kung Fu
Modern Wing Chun Kung Fu is a popular Amazon Paperback book.  He is also well known as the Kung..
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Mythologies of Martial Arts
KungFu Podcast Agent of Action : Dr. Paul Bowman Has been referenced on the program countless tim..
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Referenced in Podcast 112, Edward Said's work is a classic. Amazon descriptions says : " Edw..
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Pak Mei (White Eyebrow KungFu)
Amazon Paperback White Eyebrow Kung Fu (Pak Mei) is a close quarter method of Chinese boxing. Kno..
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Policing Shanghai, 1927-1937
Author : Fredrick Wakeman Referenced in KFP #34, the story of Tang Hao, the First Chinese Martial..
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Author : Robert Smith Referenced in several episodes, including KFP #34, Tang Hao.  Avail..
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Shang Hai Green Gang : Politics and Organized Crime, 1919-1937
This gang was an assanitation squad for government leaders, provided protection to businessmen from ..
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Shaolin Monastery : History, Religion and Chinese Martial Arts
An incredible piece of scientific research on the Shaolin Monastery by Meir Shahar.   Availa..
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SpyMaster : Da Li Secret Service
Perhaps one of the scariest men in history, Da Li was infactuated with Martial Arts, and used specif..
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TaiJiChuan and the Search for the Little Chinese Man
A powerful work by Ph. D. Frank Adam, as part of his dissertation at the University of Texas. &nb..
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