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Zhi Library

智 Zhi Library

A Collection of reading to stimulate knowledge and creative thought. I would highly recommend.

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Tao of Muhammad Ali : Personal Copy
This is the book that I read and highlighted portions to prepare podcast #91, "The Influence of Muha..
The Creation of Wing Chun
The Creation of Wing Chun: A Social History of the Southern Chinese Martial Arts Author : Ben Jud..
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Theorizing Bruce Lee: Film-Fantasy-Fighting-Philosophy
Theorizing Bruce Lee is a unique work, which uses cultural theory to analyse and assess Bruce L..
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Tong Wars: The Untold Story of Vice, Money, and Murder in New York's Chinatown
Amazon : Kindle and Paperback   ..
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What a Body Can Do : Technique as Knowledge, Practice as Research
An excellent resource by Dr. Ben Spatz. Episodes 105 and 106 first reference is academic research li..
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William Fairbairn : Xtra
William Fairnbairn is referred to as the Father of Close Quarter Combatives.  His expertise and..
World of Martial Arts
Itunes Description for iBooks : The martial arts are various methods of armed and unarmed ..
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