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A Killing Art : The Untold Story of TaeKwonDo
The Untold History of TaeKwonDo is an incredible read. Here is the Amazon description: Obscu..
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Bandits, Eunuchs and the Son of Heaven : Rebellion and the Son of Heaven
Bandits, Eunuchs and the Son of Heaven : Rebellion and the Son of Heaven ..
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CardFlow Ios
This application is essential for me in developing podcasts. It is a one stop place that I can type,..
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Chinese Martial Arts Training Manuals
A must on any Martial Artist Shelf, by author : Brian Kennedy GET The : Amazon Paperback&nbs..
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Essence of TaiJiQuan
Excellent TaiJi Resource with good research.  David Gaffney and I have had several correspondan..
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Fight Sports and American Masculinity: Salvation in Violence from 1607 to the Present
Amazon Versions Follow Martial Arts and more through this work. It explains how the dominant..
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Gods, Ghosts and Gangsters
Amazon Demon warrior puppets, sword-wielding Taoist priests, spirit mediums lacerating their bodi..
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Hatchet Men: The Story of the Tong Wars in San Francisco's Chinatown
Amazon Versions Richard Dillon, one of California’s premier historians, tells the compelling stor..
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Kai Morgan
Kai Morgan has contributed several articles to the KungFu Podcast Library. Her work brings a unique ..
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Kevin Tan
Dr. Kevin Tan is an excellent researcher and part of the Cultural Anthropology team at SIM Universit..
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Kodo : Ancient Ways
An excellent book for developing the Ancient Path. ..
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Martial Arts Woman : Andrea Harkins
Martial Arts Woman at Amazon The Amazon Description: "The Martial Arts Woman shares the stories ..
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Modern Wing Chun Kung Fu
Modern Wing Chun Kung Fu is a popular Amazon Paperback book.  He is also well known as the Kung..
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Pak Mei (White Eyebrow KungFu)
Amazon Paperback White Eyebrow Kung Fu (Pak Mei) is a close quarter method of Chinese boxing. Kno..
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