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Testimonial : Itunes United States

Testimonial : Itunes United States
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Some of the Finest and Sharpest Martial Artists Listen to this Program, and they don't hesitate to talk about it on the United States Itunes Store.  

"Sifu Does a wonderful job on this podcast! I always learn something new, and it has caused me to look at my art and the martial arts in general in a new light." - Pete (Pistol975)

"TW Smith is one of the finest individuals in the martial arts there is; he reinforces the idea why I am still in the martial arts---because of people like him." - Isuseneca

"Wonderfully ecumenical approach. Many excellent topics discussed, and I especially appreciate his non-magical approach to internal practices." - AnarchoPunk78

"The extent of my personal Martial Arts Training is within the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and some limited training in Krav Maga. The concepts discussed in this podcast are broad in scope, while being in depth, yet simplistic." - Bwormi

"Soft Spoken, but Hard Hitting. Sifu Smith has a serence and calm delivery and tells wonderful stories of tradtional martial arts. Some podcasts are down and dirty--how to escape or apply a choke hold. In others he waxes on philosophical on the moral implications of the martial arts. He also debunks myths and gives the straight scoop." - Dsann


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